Neo GO Network is here to help you strengthen your connections with a calendar of virtual or in-person networking solutions.

Click here to find a dynamic calendar (check back for updates) of the virtual or in-person events covering marketing and sales. Hope you’ll find it useful. Did we miss any important ones (we probably have… so please click here to get your event listed.

Kickstart your networking – virtually or in-person!

Welcome to the NEO GO Network Calendar

Salespeople, entrepreneurs and small business owners have found ways to stay productive with back-to-back Zoom calls and work-from-home happy hours. Some people are ready to get back to in-person networking and have. Virtual and in-person events are happening daily in Northeast Ohio, and those on this calendar give you the opportunity to sharpen a skill and network with like-minded professionals — in a socially distant, yet compliant, way. So, get out your calendar (paper or digital), and prepare to add these upcoming events to your schedule if they are relevant to you and your business.

The calendar includes a CSV tool which allows you to download monthly events into spreadsheet applications like Excel and Numbers! Yes, we know this is exciting but can only be successful if we get groups to add their events.

Speaking of adding events, you can email an entire list to us and we can bulk upload to the NEO GO Network calendar:) We would prefer files as .csv or .xls but most anything will work. Send your list to

It’s also our hope that Chambers and other groups will look to this resource as a scheduling tool. Why not spread the love around throughout the month instead of scheduling everything in the same week every month? This website actually came into being because of that pain point.

So whether you are a business looking for a virtual or in-person networking event or a group trying to decide when to schedule an event, check out the calendar!

neoGOnetwork is set up as a website to share networking events in Northeast Ohio

The NEO GO Network calendar helps you strengthen your connections — in a socially distant, yet compliant, way.



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